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Electric Toothbrush for Kids

Electric Toothbrush for Kids

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Convenient and Safe


Using a U-shaped Ultrasonic soft toothbrush is a fantastic way to develop good brushing habits. U-shaped single-mouth ultrasonic design allows you to free your hands when brushing your teeth. Specially designed seals and gaskets keep the V-White Smart toothbrush water tolerant and it removes 300 percent more plaque along the gum line.


U-shape Designed



Even while showering, the Full-Body Waterproof Toothbrush will continue to function normally. U-shaped Sonicare toothbrush is 360° edging soft, specially designed ultra-soft brush head, deep cleaning, no damage to gums, improves oral health in people with braces and receding gums, is safer for teeth, and is durable.





Kids' electric toothbrushes only 3-4 hours of charging, the battery lasts up to 20 days, which Reduces the hassle of charging frequently. 


Product Information


Material: Silicone

Power supply mode: USB

Control method: push button



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Olga Varnham

My five year old used to hate brushing her teeth every morning and night, now she literally reminds us before we remind her that she needs to brush her teeth! It has multiple vibration settings so you can do it like normal vibration, then a higher speed, and then a pulsating vibration (or none at all of course). It is so easy to use for kids too, my five year old puts a timer on her iPad for three minutes and just pops it in her mouth and moves it back and fourth for the time, and voila! Clean teeth! If you have a kid who hates brushing their teeth I would highly recommend this for them, it just is so much easier and you know that they got ALL of their teeth and gums brushed!

Mathias Richelieu

First of all, any product that helps my crazy mornings/nights with getting 3 kids to brush teeth is a win for me. I'm sure it may not be like 100% as effective as regular brushing (the U shaped element) but as much as they were brushing before its got to be an improvement. The battery life is AMAZING. I purchased it at least a month ago or so? and still haven't recharged them. I love that it also comes with a regular toothbrush head for my older kids. I wish the timer was longer than 60 seconds (it appears to be that way).

Konstantin Cingolani

Amazing product! Very easy to use! And the battery life is way better than they said they estimate 6-7 days and it will need to be charged but my son has been using it for 13 days 3 times a day and still hasn't needed to charge since the initial charge! My 5 year old loves it, it has made brushing exciting for him and less of a hassle for me! Best product ever more than worth every penny!! 10/10 would recommend!

Grahame Pahlke

I was excited to give this electronic U-shaped toothbrush a try for my 3 year old’s birthday. I had used the regular U-shaped toothbrushes when my daughter was younger. She had grown disinterested in the plain ones and even the regular electronic ones. When she saw the fun animal character she was excited to try and for the past month she’s been faithful about brushing her teeth morning and night. She likes the multiple electronic modes and vibration. I recommend to all my mama friends! Unfortunately, during our recent move we have misplaced the toothbrush and I cannot provide any photos at this moment, but as soon as I find or replace will happily upload as it’s super cute and fun!

Surinder Marlowe

I'm so happy we bought this for our 2 year old! I normally don't leave reviews, but I'm happy to review this one. The hardest part about brushing a toddlers teeth is being able to reach every inch. This U brush makes it so easy! I'm already starting to notice a difference in her breath in the mornings. It took a bit to get her used to it, but once she figured it out she asks me 10 times a day to brush her teeth!