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Reusable Magic Shopping Bag

Reusable Magic Shopping Bag

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Durable and Lightweight



When shopping for groceries, you can specify a different colored bag for each item. In addition, the increased capacity design makes it easy to handle all storage needs with one bag of shopping. This bag is made of tear-resistant nylon material, high density, and strong load-bearing. The sturdy shoulder strap buckle is not easy to break. 

Easy to Carry Around & Reusable


Let’s protect the natural environment right now by using our Magic pleated bag! A reusable grocery bag with a wrinkle effect in a variety of colors to take on the go. 





The shopping bag can be easily folded and rolled into a small size for easy storage and carry around at any time. Make your shopping journey easy and enjoyable! Buy now!

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Category: Stretch Pleated Bag

Material: nylon



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Grahame Pahlke

One bag holds a lot more than you might think at first, due to the stretchiness of the mesh; more probably than a plastic grocery store bag. Really like it for produce.

Mathias Richelieu

These. Are. Amazing! They are probably one of my best and most used purchases! I use them at the grocery store, clothing stores, garage sales - everywhere! It’s amazing how much they can hold, and they’re cute, too! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments, as silly as it sounds. It’s also fabulous that all 4 shove into a mini bag for storage. I may end up buying more!

Jessamine Sherman

I use these all the time. They are so light and strong. Every bit as good as my original one which came from Normandy.
Well done.

Olga Varnham

We have many cloth and reusable plastic bags that we carry in our car trunk to the store. These are the ones we reach for every time now. They hold way more than you may think and ten times the weigh as any other we have. Lastly the wash like a champ. We hang them dry so not sure how they will do in the dryer but they dry quick just hanging in the laundry room. Will order more.

Surinder Marlowe

This are great for so many things. I use them for shopping, storage in clothes closet for socks I need to find quickly. Also, to carry items up and down the steps, so I have a free hand for holding on to railing when needed. Safety first!!